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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Happy Ending

It is indeed a happy ending, not in the sense of a Thai massage parlour but a happy ending to the holidays. Apart from the fact that I am sick once more, thanks to my dad and his spasmodic coughing over the last two weeks. I don't mean that to come off as finger pointing, there is not much he can do. Apart from that though, shit has been going well.
I finished summer school, I was on 88% avg before the final exam so hopefully I can come away with a HD for the subject. I did have my eyes on the summer school prize (2000 bucks), but that dream was short lived with a harder than expected final exam. But I am not complaining with an HD. Speaking of money, I got myself a new job recently at lexisnexis. Anyone remotely familiar with the legal profession knows about them and i am thrilled to be an editorial assistant there. I was a little apprehensive about it at first because I thought my marks might suffer if I take time away from my studies and my marks simply cannot afford to suffer. But, i had my first day of work yesterday and i think those fears are somewhat quelled for now. It's going to be a busy semester and i might well have delayed the prospectof getting a girlfriend for another 6 months simply becasue of the lack of time. A depressing thought, but freinds tell me "if the right person comes along you will find time". History would suggest however that if the right person comes along i'll knitpick the shit out of them, expose all their flaws, convince myself i don't like them and that single life is great and then brood in a broth of regret later as i realise what i have done(haha?).
All in all though, I truly love the freedom of being single... then again sex would be good too.

My flying lessons are going swell, god it's so much more interesting to learn about ailerons and lift than reading down of constitutional provisions and grounds for judicial review. I really love the sciency, physics stuff and sometimes really wonder if i chose the wrong field of work. . 
 Flying can always be my hobby, maybe i'll start a flying school as I easeinto retirement...i dunno.
I have 3 21sts this weekend and it should be a shotload of fun, i'll hope this sickness subsides by then. In the meantime i'll youtube QI episodes and think of all the ways i am going to spend the mulah i'm gonna make at this new job...haha ok it's probably going into the sharemarket, but i am going to get some sexy suits first.


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